Resource Library

FAO Hand-in-Hand Geospatial Platform

FAO’s open-access Hand in Hand (HIH) Geospatial Platform provides advanced information, including food security indicators and agricultural statistics, for more targeted agriculture interventions. The platform unlocks millions of data layers from different domains and sources to serve as the key enabling tool for FAO’s HiH Initiative and serve digital agriculture experts, economists, government and non-government agencies, and other stakeholders working in the food and agriculture sector.

Replicable AI for Microplanning – Dev Global

Replicable AI for Microplanning (ramp) project is an open-source deep learning model that can accurately digitize buildings in low-and-middle-income countries using satellite imagery as well as enable in-country users to build their own deep learning models for their regions of interest.

Reveal – Akros

Reveal ensures equitable access to life-saving immunizations, antibiotics, and protective measures by supporting field teams in identifying where people live and what services are needed. Reveal promotes powerful analytics by combining geospatial data and context-specific planning and accountability tools to provide necessary information that ensures all families in need are found and receive services.

Project AEDES

Project AEDES, by CirroLytix is a tool that correlates dengue cases and deaths with real-time data from climate, google searches, and remote sensing, to predict potential dengue hotspot locations.

STAC Tools & resources

A range of tools help facilitate the use of the STAC spec – some of the most widely used are:

  • STAC Browser is a Vue-based browser for STAC catalogs.
  • STAC Server (previously known as sat-api) is a STAC compliant web API for searching and serving metadata for geospatial data. It is written in Javascript and backed by Elasticsearch
  • STAC Validator is a python utility to validate STAC json files against the STAC spec or against local STAC extensions.
  • PySTAC is a library for working with STAC catalogs in Python
  • EODAG is a CLI tool and a Python framework for searching, aggregating results and downloading EO data through a unified API regardless of the data provider. It can be run as STAC client or STAC API proxy server for non-STAC providers.